I see pixels bursting into words,

And I wonder when will I see your face again,

before I forget- the wrinkles on your skin,

the density of your brows

and your lips bulging inward,

into your mouth.


These photographs tremble

when they exhale words,

and look like scribbled pages to me,

sprinkled with question marks,

and grief.


I, now, see words bursting into memories.

Reminding me the sound of your giggles,

the smell of your breath,

the noise while you chewed chapatis,

the words you’d eat

every time you’d shout in anger.


I see the memories bursting into nothingness,

I wonder where will I find you now.


Poetry and Photograph by Eshwarya Khanna


(Poet’s note: Pixels bursting into words, words bursting into memories, and memories bursting into nothingness and you lose what you wish to keep forever- memories.

Short poetry dedicated to a really important person who’s not here anymore. I clicked a photograph when I was a kid, and I never knew that this random porridge of pixels will cease to be a photograph one day. 
Sometimes, you wish to suffer from the pain of missing people. What scares you more is the thought of forgetting them. Because only in memories you can meet and spend time with them.)